REISHA PERLMUTTER: Lost and Found’ is an instructional documentary unveiling all aspects of the creative process.

Directed by artist, Casey Baugh, this documentary records Reisha Perlmutter over several weeks. It captures a unique look into her studio practice and methodology through the standpoint of an observer.

‘Lost and Found’ documents the complete evolution of her final painting from her ‘AQUA’ series. Somewhere amidst the frustration of this painting she interrupts her process to find inspiration through Alla-Prima painting. She gathers her materials and sets up to paint professional musician, Chris, in the middle of the bustling New York City subway.

This instructional documentary is a colorful representation of both art and life. It exposes the insatiable desire for authenticity, and the ever constant presence of chaos within creation. It is about the vulnerable and intimate journey of triumphs, especially through mistakes.


2019 Runtime - 3hrs


Release Date - May 1st


Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 12.21.12 AM.png

  • The first revealed, start-to-finish painting process

  • Runtime - 3hrs

  • Format - Digital Video Download/Stream

  • Additional Alla-Prima portrait painting in NYC subway station

  • Never before seen painting methods and studio footage

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Screen shots from additional video, ‘Self Portriait: Alla Prima’

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